Math is not just in a classroom or textbook: it’s everywhere! Make math fun for your child by looking at your daily environment in a whole new way:

  • Count everything together. Count socks as you sort clean laundry. Once sorted, count pairs of socks. Count the steps in your home, at the library, or at preschool.
  • Group the laundry based on colors or sizes. (How many white washcloths are there?)
  • Count the red cans on one supermarket shelf, or the blue boxes on another.
  • Compare quantities (Does this grocery bag have more items than that one? How many items in each bag are green?)
  • Go on a shape hunt without leaving home. The doorknob is a circle. The door is a big rectangle. Can you find other rectangles? What about squares? Triangles? Are there any ovals in your kitchen? (Hint: spoons and eggs are both ovals.)
  • Help your child make a sandwich. Talk about the concept of whole. As you cut the sandwich, demonstrate the concept of half. Putting the two halves back together makes it whole once again.