Wondering about SPARK versus preschool? Good news: this is not an either/or choice. Choose both!

Many children are in preschool several times a week. SPARK lessons are less frequent: the SPARK parent partner visits the family once or twice a month. The programs are complementary; SPARK reinforces what a child is learning in preschool. 

Our SPARK families find that participating in both SPARK and preschool helps their children be ready for kindergarten success. In fact, it’s so beneficial that if a SPARK child isn’t already in preschool, their parent partner will encourage the family to enroll the child, and help the family with enrollment as needed. 

Preschool teachers enthusiastically recommend SPARK participation as an additional way for families to get ready for kindergarten; they understand the value that SPARK adds to the preschool experience. And SPARK parent partners are always happy to collaborate with preschool teachers to help ensure readiness.