A smooth transition into the school environment is essential for school readiness. SPARK’s responsive services team helps with the transition into kindergarten by providing information on individual children. Being informed of a child’s needs and progress prepares school personnel to help that child succeed.  

In order to determine appropriate classroom placement, there is an annual meeting with school representatives. The school receives each child’s profile from SPARK’s database, showing the child’s assessment results and any history of concerns and interventions. If a child received speech services, the school receives a final SLP report. The parent partner provides background on each child and family.

Before the school year begins, SPARK parent partners meet with kindergarten teachers to provide assessment results and discuss each child’s progress and challenges. This helps schools tailor their planning for and placement of individual children. SPARK parent partners are also present in schools during the first week of kindergarten. Over many years, we have learned that this makes a significant difference; children feel more relaxed and open to school when a familiar person is there to offer support.