Departing Board Members Leave Big Impact on the Early Childhood Resource Center

By Angela Moses

Director of Early Care and Education Services

Deuble, Howard, Mingo-Miles, and Rice dedicated nearly a decade each to our work that focuses on helping children get the best possible start in life.

The Early Childhood Resource Center has been providing caregivers and families with the resources they need to help children succeed for more than 20 years. Throughout those two decades, we’ve remained committed to providing high-quality training and coaching to parents, early childhood professionals, and all others who directly influence young children.

We always make sure The Child is at the Center of everything we do.

This focus has enabled the Center to grow over the years through the addition of multiple programs, including Supporting Partnerships to Assure Ready Kids (SPARK), child care resource and referral services, and parent outreach and education services. We’ve also expanded our service area to include six Northeast Ohio counties, and we’ve partnered with numerous local organizations, including the Division of Child Support.

One thing we’ve learned over the years is that value is created when a diverse group of people from outside our organization lends time and resources to make a difference for the children in our communities. Much of our recent growth and success can be attributed to the work of our board, the wonderful support we get from our communities, and the dedication of our staff. 

Thanks for the Commitment and Dedication!

As we approach the end of 2022, four Early Childhood Resource Center board members’ terms are ending. We thank Robin Mingo-Miles, Chrissy Rice, Michael Howard, and Jennifer Deuble for their contributions. Each one of them has served on the board for nine years.

Robin Mingo-Miles retired from the Stark Metropolitan Housing Authority. She’s has seen first-hand just how important a good start in education is to help children succeed.

“When I joined the early Childhood Resource Center board, I didn’t truly understand all the resources the Center provided,” she said. “It didn’t take me long to learn about the many wonderful opportunities the Center creates for children and their families.”

now working with the Alliance for Children and Families in Alliance, says the accessibility of the Center’s much-needed services is extremely important to her.

“The services provided by the Center are accessible for anyone,” she said. “It’s incredible that such life-changing services are available for everyone who needs them. Every child deserves these types of opportunities early in life.”

Chrissy Rice is a case manager at Plain Local Schools. She, too, has seen first-hand the impact the right educational resources can have on all children, from elementary through high school students.

“I think of myself as an advocate for education,” Rice said. “And I think that’s how I was able to contribute as a member of the Center’s board. I didn’t have as many business connections as some of the other board members, but I understood and had experienced just how important it is for children to get a good start in their educations.”

Rice said different people bring different resources, and that truly benefits organizations like the Center.

“It’s been exciting to see the Center continue to grow,” she said. “And it’s been wonderful to see such great community support for its programs and initiatives. The Center can benefit from the experiences and resources of people with different backgrounds. For that reason, I encourage others to find a way to lend a hand.”

Michael Howard retired from his post as a judge in the Stark County Family Court. His experience advocating for children’s and families’ rights was instrumental in his ability to help the Center do the right things for the right reasons on behalf of the children and families we serve.

Jennifer Deuble is a child life specialist at the Palliative Care Center at Akron Children’s Hospital. She has a deep understanding of the importance of education early in the life of a child.

About the Early Childhood Resource Center

The Child is at the Center of everything we do at the Early Childhood Resource Center, a ministry of the Sisters of Charity Health System. 

Our mission is to promote the healthy development of young children by strengthening families, improving the quality of early learning experiences, increasing school and community readiness, and informing public policy.

The Early Childhood Resource Center provides a welcoming atmosphere, inclusive of all people, that honors, respects, and celebrates everyone’s unique perspective. We encourage diversity and the sharing of thoughts and ideas to create a learning environment that’s responsive to the needs of all young children and those who educate and care for them.