Fatherhood is challenging. We're here to help!

Children are happier and healthier when both parents are involved in their lives. Even if you’re not living in the same home as your children, your involvement in their lives makes a huge difference!

When dad is involved, babies are healthier. As they grow, children with involved fathers become more confident, more social, and less likely to act out in school. Children with involved fathers are 43% more likely to earn A grades in school, 33% less likely to repeat a grade, and twice as likely to go to college.

 What you should know about fatherhood.

Some of the things we can help fathers with include: 

Court System Assistance

Do you need help navigating the family court system? We can help you get answers on divorce, child and spousal support, custody and visitation, contempt of court, restraining orders, move-away issues, and attorney concerns. 

Child Support Assistance

Non-custodial parents are required to support their children. Understanding your responsibilities and rights can help you make smart choices, both for yourself and your children. We can answer child support questions and help you understand how much child support you can expect to pay.

Job & Resource Assistance

Do you have barriers to spending time with your children? We can help you break down those barriers.  Whether it’s access to affordable housing or finding a better job, we have access to many community resources that can help.  

Parenting Time Assistance

Parenting Time refers to the time each parent spends with children after a divorce or a custody or paternity order between unmarried parents. 

The court decides parenting time details based on the best interests of the children. Among other details, the parenting time order may determine which parent will spend time with the children during holidays and school vacations, who will provide transportation, and the location for parenting time exchanges. 

Children need quality time with both parents. We can help you see your child more often and more regularly.

Parent Cafés

A Parent Café is a meeting of parents, for parents. It’s designed to help parents connect, share, and learn from one another in a casual, open environment.

Parent Cafés help parents find supports and develop coping strategies that allow them to parent effectively, even under stress. 

Through mutual support, Parent Cafés help parents strengthen their parenting skills, learn how to respond to crisis situations, and become effective, supportive, and resilient.

24/7 Dad 

Taught by dads, for dads of children and infants 12 and younger, this class helps dads understand and fulfill the critical role they play in their children’s lives.

Inside Out DAD

Specifically designed for incarcerated fathers who are looking to engage with their children while working to overcome challenging situations.

On My Shoulders

This class helps dads step into their most important life role as they develop strong relationships with their children and co-parents.

Did you know?

Free child care is available during many classes. 

How can we help you be a great dad?

For more information about fatherhood services, contact Gary at (330) 904-0137 or call our main number: (877) 691-8521.