Bringing Elijah’s Success to Public Radio

SPARK NewsIdeastream’s M.L. Schultze recently featured the SPARK experience of four-year-old Elijah Rowland and his mom, Alisha. Schulze discusses the SPARK program’s growth and results, as well as the crucial element that really makes SPARK work: the relationship between the family and the SPARK parent partner, the specially trained home visitor who works with the family to get the child ready for school.

On the day Schultze features, little Elijah is proud to show his parent partner, Missy, that he can write his name all by himself. He’s bolstered by encouragement from his biggest fan: Alisha, who reminds him, “You did it yesterday. I know you can do it.” Her encouragement works wonders: empowering parents to become their children’s greatest learning advocates is the main focus of SPARK.

Schultze also details the crucial partnership between SPARK and the schools. Schreiber Elementary School Principal Aaron Bouie is a strong supporter, claiming he can tell which students were SPARK kids, because their self-confidence stands out. And their parents’ does, too.

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