Children’s Library

Children’s LibraryOur Canton location is home to a specialized children’s branch of Stark Library. Kids love our small library, with its large I SPY tree, comfortable kid-sized chairs, toys throughout, and books galore! 

The library houses an extensive collection of children’s fiction and non-fiction books, big books, storytelling kits, puppets, Sprout Learning Backpacks, DVDs, and parent/educator resource materials.

Check out materials using a Stark Library card. Items may be returned to any Stark Library branch. 

How to Raise a Reader

Children’s Library

Make it Fun! Take the time to point out words and letters all around us: on store signs, restaurant menus, billboards, traffic signs, license plates, and food packages.

Read together every night. Before you begin a new book, point to the cover and ask your child to guess what the book is about.

Read with your child. As you read, stop and talk with your child. Ask questions to engage your child in the story, such as what do you think happens next?

Keep the learning going. After the story is over, find a way to keep discussing it later on. Ask your child to retell the story, or ask her favorite part of the story.