What’s different about SPARK?

SPARK’s recipe for readiness makes the program highly effective at helping parents and children get ready for school together. SPARK brings together all the elements needed to ensure a child is ready and excited to succeed in kindergarten.

=       We focus on parents. SPARK equips parents with the strategies, supplies, and resources they need to help their children be ready for school. Participation is voluntary and free for families.

=       We address a child’s challenges early. When a child has challenges that might prevent school readiness, SPARK’s multidisciplinary team of experts makes a plan to address them long before school begins.

=       We get results. Every year, an independent evaluation team analyzes program outcomes. Year after year, SPARK children significantly outscore their non-participating peers on Ohio’s Kindergarten Readiness Assessment. The SPARK advantage means SPARK kids start school ready and excited to succeed.

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