SPARK gives children the advantage they need to succeed in school.

Evaluation is a crucial part of SPARK, and SPARK’s evaluation results clearly show the program’s effectiveness. An independent evaluation team from Kent State University analyzes SPARK‘s effectiveness using a rigorous research design. Year after year, the evaluation results show that participating in SPARK gives Ohio’s children the edge that leads to success, both in school and in life.

While children are participating in SPARK, the Get Ready To Read (GRTR) and Preschool Early Numeracy (PENS) Assessments help gauge the progress they make.


When school starts, the school administers the state-mandated Kindergarten Readiness Assessment (KRA) to incoming kindergarteners. It measures a child’s school readiness in social, physical, and academic areas. SPARK children significantly outperform their non-SPARK peers in the same classrooms. More information on the KRA is here



Because of the SPARK advantage, children start school more ready to succeed!

Administrators love SPARK, because they see how well it works once children get to school. Christen Sedmock, Canton City Allen Elementary School Principal, says: "I believe SPARK has changed our culture because kids come in ready and more prepared to come to school in terms of following directions, their literacy skills, the concept of print, how to track. I think they just come in a little more advanced and prepared to come in and be in school all day, every day."