Aaron Dukes is a proud father. At a recent parent-teacher conference, the kindergarten teacher said his son, AJ, is doing very well indeed. He’s recognizing words, he’s speaking well, and the teacher has no worries about his ability to succeed. 

Aaron feels that the SPARK kindergarten readiness program prepared AJ well for kindergarten. SPARK children are screened for any issues that might prevent school readiness. For AJ, speech therapy was offered as a wraparound service, in addition to SPARK lessons. AJ did so well that he no longer needs any speech therapy at all.

For two years, a SPARK parent partner visited every month to guide AJ and Aaron through a lesson designed to get AJ ready for kindergarten. At every visit, the family received a book, an activity card, and supplies.

Aaron loved having SPARK lessons right in the family home. SPARK visits were the perfect time to connect and bond with his son. He was thankful to have a scheduled time devoted just to that.

As Aaron says it, “It’s easy to be busy and get wrapped up in daily life, and forget to spend that time just bonding and learning with your child." 

SPARK was a great experience for both father and son, and Aaron is pleased that AJ is doing so well.