Andrea says the tips she gets from her SPARK parent partner are a true game changer.

She’s seeing real progress with her son, Rockwell, as she’s working to get him ready for kindergarten. The family’s SPARK parent partner has lots of clever tips that make progress so much easier!

When it comes to learning, their parent partner encouraged Andrea to let her son lead the way. Instead of starting a drawing for her son, she’s learned to ask him what he wants to draw and then talk with him about what shapes he might use for his drawing. 

After Rockwell creates a drawing, Andrea copies it. Then they talk about their drawings together. Allowing her son to be the leader made him more confident and strengthened their connection. Leading the activity engages Rockwell and helps him express his own ideas. And it’s great practice: he’ll need to be engaged in his work at school, and he’ll be expected to discuss his ideas with his teachers.

Every time the parent partner visits, Andrea learns even more easy readiness strategies, like having Rockwell squeeze play dough to strengthen the finger and hand muscles he needs to control pencils and crayons.

Andrea’s thrilled that Rockwell is making so much progress, and she’s so happy to have a true parent partner alongside her, helping her strategize every step of the way.