The Youth Reimbursement Program serves residents of Summit County with a household income at or below 200% of the federal poverty level with payment support for their children to attend summer camp. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible? 

Legal Parent or Guardians who live in Summit County and have a household income 200% at or below the federal poverty level and who are sending their child/ren to summer camp and want to be reimbursed for the out of pocket camp costs.

How do parents or legal guardians apply? 

A legal parent or guardian that would like to apply for the Youth Reimbursement program will need to fill out the Legal Parent/Guardian Application. Please allow up to five business days for us to process the application. 

What will the Youth Reimbursement Program pay for? 

The youth reimbursement program will pay for out of pocket fees for children ages 3-18. This includes weekly costs, registration fees for and co-pays for the 2021 youth activities. Activity fees we are able to cover include drama/music activities, band camp, sports with fees, after-school clubs and activities, pay-to-play activities, materials fees, and any other fees associated with youth activities. 

What do we need to provide for families? 

We ask that you are able to provide an itemized receipt with dates attended, name of child, name of family member paying the fee, type of costs (co-pay, fees, etc) and the total cost the parent paid for summer camp. 

Does the activity need to be located in Summit County? 

No, the summer camp does not need to be located in Summit County. 

How does the organization get payment? 

First you will need to fill out the application to become eligible to receive payments. Then when a family is determined eligible to recieve this benefit and is looking for camp, we can begin the reimbursement process. Once the child is set up to attend your youth program, we can process the payment for the amount due and the check will be mailed to the information provided on the application. 

What makes our youth activity eligible to receive payments? 

We are looking to provide camp attendance opportunities for children whose parents live in Summit County. To be considered an eligible camp, you will need to upload a valid W-9 on your camp application. The Employee Identification Number must be provided for us to process payment. The camp must be an established 501(c)3 or other type of registered camp. 

Blank W-9 Form 

If you have questions of concerns, please contact Wedley Charles at

Grievance Policy 

Incident Policy 

The Youth Reimbursement Program will be available as long as funds are available.

This program is sponsored by Summit County Department of Job and Family Services and any information you provide on the application can be used to update current benefits that you receive.  

This program is made possible by the Summit County Department of Job & Family Services and The Early Childhood Resource Center.