2023 Fundraiser Details

The Early Childhood Resource Center 2023 Fundraiser will take place on Thursday, September 14, 2023 from 5:30-8:30 p.m. at the Hall of Fame Village in Canton. Proceeds from this event will support the SPARK kindergarten readiness program.

Please take note of the following event details:



Those who have registered online have been added to our event guest list. Please keep the confirmation email you receive upon registering, as attendees will not receive physical tickets for the event. Upon arriving at the venue, registered guests will check-in at the registation table in the lobby before heading to the Sky Terrace.

Business casual.

Event Location/Address:
This event will take place at Hall of Fame Village's Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium Sky Terrace (rooftop) venue. Please note the address you will want to plug into your GPS to get you closest to the Stadium VIP entrance/event venue is the Canton Symphony Orchestra/Zimmermann Symphony Center address: 2331 17th Street NW Canton, OH 44708. You can also use 2626 Fulton Drive to navigate to the entrance of Hall of Fame Village, and then follow the below directions. (Note: using the Stadium address itself (on Harrison Ave.) will take you to the loading dock, which is on the opposite side of the Stadium, far from the event entrance.)

When entering Hall of Fame Village via its main entrance (2626 Fulton Drive NW, Canton, OH 44708), you will want to continue straight on Champions Gateway for about 0.5 miles: First, go straight through the roundabout (using the right-most lane to take the second exit onto Champions Gateway/formerly Blake Ave). Continue straight on Champions Gateway, passing the Play Action Plaza, amphitheater, and ferris wheel on your right, and the Constellation Center for Excellence on your left. At the stop sign at Legends Lane, continue straight on Champions Gateway. After you pass the Center for Performance (dome) on your right, the driveway leading to the Stadium's VIP entrance will be to your left; however, you will need to park in the Hall of Fame Village UNITY Parking Lot, or in the Zimmerman Symphony Center lot. 

The Hall of Fame Village Unity Parking Lot is located behind the Center for Performance dome, on your right as you continue South down Champions Gateway. As you pass the Center for Performance dome, the Zimmerman Symphony Center lot is located on your left, across from the Unity Parking Lot. Please be mindful and do not park in any spaces marked as reserved by the Symphony.

A limited number of handicapped parking spaces will be available near the venue entrance.

Once parked, make your way back toward the Stadium VIP entrance (up the hill to your left, as you're looking at the Symphony Center). See the map below for further guidance. The yellow arrow shows how to get from the Unity Parking Lot to the Stadium VIP/event entrance. 

Staff will be available to guide you and can provide golf cart shuttle service from the parking lot to the event entrance, if needed.