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If you are looking for opportunities to meet other parents or better understand how your child develops and grows, attend one of our parenting education sessions, where you can find answers to your parenting questions. 

Parenting education sessions are offered in churches, community centers, and schools throughout Stark County. Sessions often include dinner, child care, and other incentives. If transportation is a challenge, we can help with bus passes, too.  

For more information on parenting education, contact Shawn at 330-491-3272, Ext. 5676. 

Below is a brief description of available classes.

Parent Cafés

Parent Cafés are a series of structured small group conversations that bring parents together to directly engage diverse perspectives. The sessions are part of a national strategy called Strengthening Families™, which focuses on helping parents develop resilience, increase social connections, enhance their knowledge of parenting and child development, and develop a concrete support network.

The conversation and collaboration that occur at the sessions, along with the relationship building and empathy that develop within the structured small group format, are highly effective. In a study of more than 4,000 parent participants, Parent Cafés were found to reduce stress, increase protective factors, increase peace and well-being, increase parenting knowledge and skills, and facilitate meaningful relationships and community-building. 

First Five Years!

For parents of children from birth-4 years old.

Sessions focus on:

  • Stages of development
  • The bond between parent and child
  • The use of non-violent discipline skills
  • Tips for avoiding accidents and problems
  • Choices and consequences
  • The power of engaging with your children

Active Parenting Now!

For Parents of children ages 5-12.

Sessions focus on topics that include: 

  • Styles of parenting
  • Mutual respect and how to get it
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Active communication
  • Teaching responsibility
  • Effective non-violent discipline
  • The goals of behavior
  • Family meetings

24/7 Dad!

This dad-only program focuses on helping fathers develop their parenting skills.

Topics include:

  • Showing and handling feelings
  • The father’s role
  • Discipline
  • Children’s growth
  • Working with Mom and co-parenting

Parenting Wisely

This program is available in either CD or online interactive format; both encourage maximum skill retention. Nine different video vignettes portray typical family struggles and best practices in handling these challenges. The session concludes with a quiz, further reinforcing the information.

This program offers:

  • Opportunities to choose from a list of options representing different levels of effectiveness. 
  • Time to examine and critique behaviors through an interactive question and answer session. 
  • In-depth tutorials that highlight the parenting skills depicted and give further insight into beneficial behavior. 

Happy to Be Me, Zero to Three!

For parents of children from birth through age three, Happy to Be Me offers four two-hour sessions that help parents understand their children's early development. This eight-hour curriculum focuses on:

  • Intellectual Development
  • Physical Development
  • Language Development
  • Social-Emotional Development






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