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“It’s amazing what a year can do,” said Jaxson’s Mom. 

Jaxson starred into the hand-held mirror, deciding how to draw his self-portrait in his SPARK journal. He'd started with the shape of his face, added the curly brown hair, and then drew his eyes in yellow.

His mom said, “Look at your eyes. What color are they?” He nodded. “Blue,” he answered. He then put down the mirror and drew his eyes in blue crayon.

What an amazing year it's been. When Mom went from working the night shift to the day shift, she wanted to continue with the morning SPARK lessons. They had helped Jaxson so much with his listening skills and with following directions. So Dad, who doesn't work mornings, stepped in. Now both parents are equally involved with Jaxson’s SPARK experience.

Jaxson’s family participates for free in the SPARK kindergarten readiness program. Specially trained parent partners visit SPARK families monthly, equipped with books, activities, supplies, and a structured lesson for the child and parent to do together.

“Jaxson has really improved a lot. Before, he had a hard time identifying letters, numbers, and shapes. Now, he buzzes right through them with no problem. In fact, he even corrects us with the actual name for a shape.”

Even Jaxson’s grandmother has observed, “This one-on-one time is productive, as he has learned so much in a short period of time.”

Around 43% of the children In Jaxson’s urban neighborhood don’t have the skills and knowledge to succeed in kindergarten. Children who begin kindergarten behind their peers are four times more likely to drop out of high school.

Your donation today can help children like Jaxson participate in free programs that work to get children ready for kindergarten.

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