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The Spring 2017 News and Events Calendar  is here, and It's  full of great workshops, family programs, and news. … read more >

Tools to promote School Readiness, these backpacks are perfect for parents, schools, child care centers and for libraries to offer for … read more >

Learn more about the SPARK kindergarten readiness program that’s working with families in 11 Ohio counties.     read more >


 The Big, Big, Really Big Toy Box Event 2016











Earth Day Celebration on April 26th



Children and families participated in a scavenger hunt on our playscape. They explored their five senses while listening to sounds of nature, finding bugs and snakes, doing tree rubbings and smelling herbs.  





Elec Simon conducted a drumming jam session with the children and families at the event. The beats vibrated throughout the Center and brought alot of smiles to attendees. 





Children enjoyed using recycled water bottles to make magical oil and water glitter bottles.

















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