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History of the Stark County Transitions Work

Stark County, in SST Region 9, is where the PS – K Transition Skills checklist, found in the Ready Schools document (Strong Beginnings, Smooth Transitions, Continuous Learning), originated.  It was created by a group of representatives from public school districts, community preschool programs, the ECRC, Head Start, higher ed., and the Stark County Educational Service Center (SCESC). We refer to this group as the early childhood stakeholder-group.  Approximately 4 meetings occurred during the 2004-05 school year to create the first county form.  The form was first used during the 2005-06 school year.  There have been follow up meetings every year or two since, bringing the early childhood stakeholder group together to review and revise the form as needed.  The form has gone through many changes over the years.  Lynne Clunk held multiple meetings with community preschool representatives each year for the first few years at various locations and times around the county to discuss the form and transition in general as well as to discuss other topics such as KRA-L testing.   School districts are encouraged to bring feedback from preschool and kindergarten teachers to these meetings.  Oversight of the form, the process around the use of the form, and PS – K transition activities in the county comes from the early childhood coordinators on SST 9. 

In June of 2010, the SST 9 early childhood coordinators, Lynne Clunk and Geri Grove, convened a meeting with each school district Transition Contact Person (approximately 18 people) to discuss “tracking” the preschools that feed into school districts, share transition activities that districts had in place brainstorm new ideas, look at the Ready Schools document section on transition and books by Robert Pianta.  Holly Kemp, SST office administrative assistant, gave an overview to the districts about the ODJFS site that districts can access to get a list of licensed community preschools that are in the district zip codes as well as current lists of community preschools in the county. This information was given out to districts in hard copy form at that meeting. Also, two PS – K transition resource books purchased by the SST were given to each school district. 

In February of 2011 a new idea was implemented by the SST 9 early childhood team of Lynne Clunk, Geri Grove, and Holly Kemp: the creation of a “Transition Activities Flyer” that listed each Stark County Public School District and the PS – K transition activities (dates and locations) sponsored by each district.  District transition contacts supply the information for this flyer. This flyer was sent to every community preschool in the county (including Head Start programs along with copies of the county form and supporting documents.  This occurs annually in February.

In May of 2011, a meeting took place with the 18 school district representatives to discuss their tracking efforts and continue to share ideas for PS – K transition activities and continue to discuss ideas from the Ready Schools document. Brainstorming about how to increase participation from county community preschools took place and the decision was made to have an annual fall meeting of the district transition contacts, rather than meet in the spring.  Meetings with the district contacts and also meetings with the early childhood stakeholder group will continue to take place coordinated by the SST 9 EC team.

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