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Stark County's State Support Team (SST) Region 9, is where the Preschool to Kindergarten (PS – K) Transition Skills checklist originated.  (See, Ready Schools document, "Strong Beginnings, Smooth Transitions, Continuous Learning").   The Transition Skills checklist was created by an early childhood stakeholder group of representatives from public school districts, community preschool programs, the Early Childhood Resource Center (ECRC), Head Start, higher education, and the Stark County Educational Service Center (SCESC).  Approximately four meetings occurred during the 2004-05 school year to create the first county form.  The form was first used during the 2005-06 school year and follow up meetings occurred annually to review and revise the checklist.  The form went through many changes over the years.  Lynne Clunk of SST 9 held multiple meetings with community preschool representatives each year for the first few years at various locations and times around the county to discuss the form, transitions in general, and other topics such as KRA-L testing.   School districts were encouraged to bring feedback from preschool and kindergarten teachers to these meetings as well.  Oversight of the form, the process around the use of the form, and PS – K transition activities in the county came from the early childhood coordinators of SST 9. 

In June of 2010, SST 9 early childhood coordinators, Lynne Clunk and Geri Grove, convened a meeting with each school district Transition Contact Person (approximately 18 people) to review Ready Schools transition documentation and books.  In addition, the group discussed new PS - K ideas, the preschools feeder "tracking" process and school district transition activities. Holly Kemp, SST 9 office administrative assistant, provided an overview to the districts about the ODJFS website that districts could access to get a list of licensed community preschools that resided within their district. 

In February of 2011, a new idea was implemented by the SST 9 early childhood team of Lynne Clunk, Geri Grove, and Holly Kemp, the “Transition Activities Flyer".  The flyer listed each of Stark County's public school districts  PS – K transition activities.  To ensure county-wide communication, the flyer was sent to every community preschool in the county (including Head Start programs) along with copies of the county form and supporting documents.  

In May 2011, the 18 school district representatives met again to discuss their tracking efforts, share ideas for PS – K transition activities, and to review the Ready Schools document. Based on their discussion, an annual fall meeting was created bringing together district and child care sites.

In 2015, ECRC began to manage the coordination of transition resources for the checklist, district contacts and district transition activity dates.

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